ALPStours is a European bike tour company that has been in operation since 1990. I was hired to work on their social media and manage the quarterly newsletter. I moved them from a basic email system to MailChimp and have achieved spectacular results. The average open rate for the Travel & Transportation is 15% and the click rate is 1.2% – as you can see our results blow those averages out of the water.

ALPStours Fall 2017 Newsletter (Coming soon)

ALPStours Summer 2017 Newsletter

  • Open Rate: 34%
  • Click rate: 5.4%

ALPStours Spring 2017 Newsletter

  • Open Rate: 36%
  • Click rate: 1.7%

ALPStours Newsletter Winter 2017

  • Open Rate: 42% 
  • Click rate: 11%