To celebrate the National Park Service Centennial, RootsRated’s editors assembled an Insider’s Guide to every park in the system. Lisa had the honor of contributing several. Enjoy reading, go visit, and consider donating to the National Park Foundation to keep these treasures available for everyone. 

Insider’s Guide to Redwood National Park
Entering a cathedral of primordial nature, silent but for the noise visitors bring, there is no way to be prepared for the majesty of the tallest trees on earth. Offering a range of activities from deep forest hikes, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, and beachcombing – there is something at Redwood National Park for everyone.

Insider’s Guide to National Park of American Samoa
American Samoa is an emerald gemstone rising from the setting of the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean. Rugged volcanic slopes lead to sandy coves, inspiring fantasies of real-life Robinson Crusoe adventures.

Insider’s Guide to Crater Lake National Park
Shining like a high-altitude sapphire, Crater Lake rises from the old growth forest that surrounds it like a guardian protecting its jewel. Oregon’s only National Park beckons visitors with its famous intensely blue waters and vertical walls that slope down to kiss their reflections in the stillness.

Insider’s Guide to Hot Springs National Park
History literally seeps out of the streets in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where the steam from the thermal waters that give the town its name often curl and roll across the pavement. Hot Springs National Park’s soothing waters have been used for centuries for healing purposes. Come see what awaits in the steamy pools!

Insider’s Guide to Voyageurs National Park
The haunting, eerie cries of a loon echo across the water. The scent of pine drifting up from the shore as a bald eagle soars across the treetops through the rose-tinted scene as the sun sets. Welcome to Voyageurs National Park in Northern Minnesota.

Insider’s Guide to Theodore Roosevelt National Park
A study in subtle nuances of color and unexpected, eye-pleasing formations, a journey through the badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park gives the mind space to roam, much like the bison that call it home.

Insider’s Guide to Isle Royale National Park
Whether braving the choppy, long, boat ride across the frigid waters of Lake Superior or having to plan for full self-sufficiency for the duration of your stay, everything about Isle Royale National Park screams adventure.

Insider’s Guide to Lake Clark National Park & Preserve
Thrill to the sound of bear cubs growling over a salmon meal from mamma as gulls circle for scraps. One of America’s wildest parks, Lake Clark is true backcountry wilderness where the adventurous can immerse themselves in nature.

Insider’s Guide to Mammoth Cave National Park
Descending into the subterranean world, the air thickens, heavy with the smells of bats and earth and time. It almost seems the weight of the boulders, dirt, and flora above can be felt on the skin as the outside world fades. Explore’s the world’s largest known cave system in this amazing underground playground!

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